About Arbor

Arbor is the private equity leader in food, beverage and related companies. We’ve spent our careers in the middle market. It’s all we do. The entrepreneurs and families we select to work with each have their own unique passions, dreams and requirements. We understand.

Arbor Investments at a Glance

  • 1999

    Founded in 1999

  • $1.5B

    $1.5B of assets under management

  • 58%

    58% of our staff is operations oriented

  • 50

    50 food and beverage and related businesses acquired to date

The leader and market maker in food and beverage

Arbor Investments is the recognized leader and market maker in food, beverage and related private equity. We have been the most active private-equity acquirer of middle-market food, beverage and related companies for more than a decade. Since our founding in 1999, this has been our sole focus.

We have built our reputation as the largest and most successful middle market buyout firm in North American food and beverage by acquiring high-quality niche players, preparing them for the next level of growth and providing the support they need to achieve it. This focus drives our staffing, which is weighted toward operating people.

A proven ability to work with entrepreneurs and families

Entrepreneurs are singular individuals, with unique passions and dreams. Family ownership brings its own, often complex, set of objectives and requirements to a company. Arbor understands.

The majority of the companies we acquire are entrepreneurial or family owned. We are highly experienced at working with individuals, family groups and management teams to navigate the many challenges and sensitivities involved in transitioning an acquired company to the next chapter in its history.

Why Arbor?

  • Exclusive focus on middle-market food, beverage and related companies
  • Impressive track record of investing success
  • Unparalleled sector experience, particularly in private label
  • Broad network of food and beverage industry contacts
  • Recognized by top management teams, financing sources, intermediaries and industry associations

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