Arbor Focus

Arbor is focused exclusively on North American middle-market food, beverage and related companies. The key to our success: We approach each company differently according its unique strengths, needs and opportunities.

An active, collaborative approach to picking and building winners

Our extensive food, beverage and related industry experience gives us the ability to be highly selective in choosing the companies we partner with, and we are known for picking winners. Once we acquire your business, we work closely with you to grow it, providing access to our knowledge base, relationships and other resources to address your unique needs, challenges and opportunities.

Rather than a cookie-cutter approach, we approach each situation differently. We collaborate with you to develop short-, medium- and long-term strategic plans for your business that might include succession, investments in new facilities and equipment, addressing areas for operational improvement, brand-building and any number of other areas. Every seller has unique needs. We understand.

An unconventional approach to staffing

Unlike many in private equity, Arbor staff is weighted more toward operations than transactions, with about 60 percent of our people in non-finance functions. We have strong in-house expertise in a broad spectrum of disciplines that includes customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, legal counsel and IT, in addition to our M&A, finance and accounting experts. We also maintain close affiliate relationships to provide access to top professionals in food brokerage, customer service, marketing and branding, facilities construction/project management, employee benefits and more. Our unique combination of in-house and affiliated expertise provides a very useful array of resources to support our middle market companies.


  • Private Label
  • Foodservice
  • Branded
  • Food Related Non-Consumables

Investment Criteria

  • EBITDA $15MM–$75MM
  • Add-ons of any size
  • North America

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